The Dangers of Social Media

Over 4 billion people around the world incorporate social media into their everyday lives. With these social platforms consistently being used, they are bound to take a toll on people’s well-being and safety, especially teens, who are certain to experience the negative impacts of social media. Many people don’t realize the dangers and effects of the internet, which can range from their mental health to their in-person security. It gives a way for people to spread hate online while keeping themselves completely anonymous. 

Even something as minor as someone comparing themselves to a model on Instagram could lead to low self-esteem and a negative body image, which could ultimately lead to the destruction of their mental health. Cyberbullying is also prominent on social media, as aggressive hate comments from a stranger or even a peer can be seen in many instances. All of these have the capability of enhancing mental health issues and possibly even leading to self-harm in the worst cases. 

Teenagers also tend to use social media in unsafe and risky ways, such as leaving their personal information out online for the world to see. It can be as simple as telling a stranger online their own age or even indicating their school name in a social media profile. There are many online predators and creeps who will go to extreme ends to find out private information about anyone. Although everything takes place online, this could eventually put their real lives in danger. In many cases, people’s personal addresses have been exposed by these online perpetrators and even hackers, who are found to be very abundant on the internet. It is important to take notice of the risk factors that are heavily apparent on social media, as they can cause great damage to anyone, both mentally and physically.

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