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Why do we even look at statistics when it comes to sensitive topics? Is it because we want to spread awareness, or is it because of other reasons. When the word statistics come to mind, you think of numbers, right? Statistics are when you collect and analyze numerical data from a large quantity. When it comes to the topic of dating violence or abusive relationships, about every 1 in 3 humans will experience an unhealthy or toxic relationship within their lifetime. That could be an average person you meet at your grocery store, or even a friend from school. In 2018, it was recorded that around 98,213 people were raped. This just puts into perspective how many people are in unhealthy relationships. 

When it comes to these statistics, they are just estimates because nothing can be right on the money every time. When it comes to relationship statistics, they are usually always off because only the ones reported are being charted. When we look at statistics of groping occurring in Tokyo in 2008, there were a reported 2,000 plus cases. Because of this, action has been taken and the numbers have gone down. 

The best advice for a healthy relationship to give someone is to make sure you would want to spend your life with them. You want to take as many actions before your relationship to make sure you don’t end up like that ⅓ percent of people. Resulting in that may cause even more problems.

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