Specific Statistics of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a huge issue, and it is a very present issue with statistical evidence to back up the need for awareness on sexual harassment. 

Nearly one in six adolescents are sexually assaulted, while 82% of those 1 in 6 juveniles are females. This carries on in adulthood, as 1 in 5 women are raped annually, and 90% of all adult sexual assault victims are female. These statistics show the majority of sexual assault victims to an astounding amount. Following that, further statistics show that around 80% of all rapes go unreported. Many of these victims don’t report rapes due to the lack of education or knowledge on the subject, because of fear from the perpetrator, or many times because these victims are children with no knowledge as to what to do in such circumstances. Not only does sexual assault have devastating causes in itself, but it can also lead to horrible effects, as 70% of women commit suicide, following an event of sexual harassment. A lot of the time, these horrible events are caused by people they are acquaintances, or even intimate to, but still, that’s not to say complete strangers aren’t subject to sexually assaulting others, as 41% of sexual harassment against natives are from complete strangers. These specific statistics are all to say that sexual assault is a major issue, certainly targeting some groups of people more than others, but nonetheless greatly negatively impacting too many people, as something must be done to stop these rising statistics of sexual assault. 

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