Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry

Dozens of women ranging anywhere from film producers to actresses have experienced sexual assault in their time working there. Many women who work for the entertainment industry have experienced it. Sexual assault is not limited to just rape, it could be inappropriately touching someone else’s body or even catcalling. A USA TODAY survey of 843 women in the entertainment industry found 94% say they’ve experienced harassment or assault. That means 792 women have been touched in a way that they did not want. Many young kids go into the agency as well. Being young and impressionable it is easy for them to be manipulated by their older coworker. Due to a lack of the kid’s judgment, sexual assault bounded to happen towards them. Due to contracts, it is incredibly hard for the victims to come out about the crimes that have happened to them. Many victims in the agency must sit in silence while their aggressor is allowed to roam around freely with no consequences. but the assault is not limited to just women. In an article written by Rosa Escandon, she states “22% of males in the work industry reported facing sexual facing sexual assault in the industry.” The entertainment industry is a place prone to sexual assault towards women of all ages. 

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