Sexual Assault in Schools

As many people know, it is not uncommon for teenage women to be sexually assaulted or harassed in school. It has actually happened in front of my own eyes. Usually, the girl is minding her business and not bothering everyone. Occasionally, the girl could be with a group of friends and get catcalled. As we know, this in no way, shape, or form is okay. The number of girls getting sexually harassed and assaulted in schools is skyrocketing at an unhealthy pace. Unfortunately, about eight of every ten girls have experienced some sort of sexual assault or harassment in school. This has not just been from their fellow peers, but also from their teachers. As much as we hate it, the schools would rather dress code a girl for wearing a “revealing” top than stop them from being sexually assaulted. As we continue forward, coming to understand your surrounding is so important to you and the safety of other women. If you see something, say something, and don’t be shy to use detail. Sexual assault is a sensitive subject and is something no one deserves to go through, especially within their own school building. 

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