Sexual Assault in Media

Throughout time, cases of sexual assault have begun to rise in the entertainment industry. With this rise, such action is not being taken against it. Male celebrities especially don’t have actions taken against them because of their big names. Some of these times, bribery and paying a victim to stay silent is what can occur. Other examples may be lack of publicity for the victim, so their accusation won’t be taken seriously, and people victim shaming the victim of these survivors because of their support for the assault. To prevent more cases of things like this from happening, action is being taken once a victim comes forward to express their side. For example, a member of a drum corps released a statement about things that happened to her in it, and now that drum corps is no longer having a season because of how bad the situation was. Little things like that help make a bigger impact on helping the victims not have to relive their trauma. In media, the term “canceling” is used a lot when talking about people who do bad things. It is also used a lot when regarding sexual assaulters. People who were canceled by the media mainly encourage others to no longer support the sexual “assaulter” and will protect the victim with what little they can do in situations like these. With that, their efforts to help the victim help other survivors know that they are loved and cared for.

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