Sexual Assault and Harassment in Schools

Sexual assault in schools, ranging from elementary to college is, unfortunately, increasing, especially as administrators in schools for younger children are unaware of how to deal with such a heavy topic. With the lack of information given to younger students on sexual harassment, many don’t know what to do if assaulted. With schools unacknowledging or even calling off certain sexual harassment as kids just being kids, the percentage of student sexual assaults will only go up, with fellow peers and grown adults all participating. Schools that don’t teach students about and how to deal with sexual assault will find more victims, as the statistics rise. In just a single year, 1 in every 9 females and 1 in 36 male high school students are said to experience dating violence, while 2/3 college students experience sexual assault. Although sexual assaults seem to be unfortunately rampant among schools, almost all colleges say they’ve had 0 incidences of rape on campus. This ignoring of sexual assault in schools will only further contribute to the increase of sexual assault, as more people are uneducated on what counts as sexual assault and harassment, and what to do when they’ve experienced it.

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