Dating Violence

Dating violence is very prevalent today and can often go ignored. It ranges from physical, psychological, sexual, and many other types of violence. Dating violence is common, from around 1 in 11 females and 1 in 14 male high school students say they’ve experienced physical violence, 1 in 8 females and 1 in 26 males say they experience sexual violence, millions of teenagers’ report dating violence. Dating violence can result in so many consequences such as mental illnesses, the use of drugs and alcohol, and other unhealthy behaviors. Ways to prevent dating violence can be learning and teaching what a healthy relationship looks like so that clueless kids don’t get into harmful relationships. Some signs of dating violence can be, forcing you to have sex when you don’t want to, acting overly jealous, being extremely controlling, trying to isolate you from other people, including by insulting them, refusing to take responsibility for their own actions, and blaming you for their own abusive behavior, apologizing for abuse and promising to change, again and again, not allowing you to end the relationship or making you feel guilty for leaving, and many more. Dating violence is a serious and common issue amongst teens and knowing what to do to prevent from being in such a situation, or getting out of one is an extremely important topic.

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