Mission and Purpose

The mission of EMPowerMe is to create opportunities to inform, educate, and improve awareness among teenagers to make the right decisions with a goal to minimize teenage violence such as in sexual harassment, dating violence, cyberbullying, and more. The club recognizes that prevention and management of the factors leading up to the violence is an effective strategy to minimize the issue and its impact.

Who We Are

EMPowerMe recognizes that the information discussed is sensitive, but would create a safe space for  the students to discuss freely, if supported by the school and parents. Students between the ages 12-17 struggle to openly have these conversations.

EMPowerMe seeks to address this gap by achieving the following goals:

  1. Explore and create learning opportunities- for both students and parents- from the experts.
  2. Engage School and County administration to discuss, understand and further the initiatives in this area
  3. Identify, solicit, and work with external governmental and law enforcement agencies that operate in this area and are willing to help
  4. Invite industry experts, law enforcement officers, self-defense experts, and student counselors to conduct sessions to educate students 
  5. Fundraising programs to support other institutions supporting the causes tied to the purpose/mission 
  6. Community volunteering to spread awareness and develop interest among the members 
  7. Create a platform for idea/thought generation using technology as a resource

​The scope of the club is not restricted to CHS but extends to the county, the state, and beyond. The club firmly believes in making the small start with the ambition of making it impactful and significant. EMPowerMe also notes that there are not many similar clubs at high schools across the country, and the service projects would evolve as the club expands and works towards its goal. The club will define its service projects in the due course of its operation.