Abortion Facts and Articles

  1. “The new Texas law bans abortions after a “fetal heartbeat” is detected, usually about six weeks into pregnancy. But doctors say that’s not an actual medical term and it’s being used inaccurately.” 
  1. Mexico has decriminalized abortion. 
  1. Ohio’s new “born-alive” bill will also require practicing medical doctors to submit a “child survival form” in the event that a baby is born alive after an abortion or face a third-degree felony charge, The Hill reported. 
  1. A 14 year old died giving birth to their rapists’s child 
  1. A 21 year old native was convicted of manslaughter after having a miscarraige
  1. An Oklahoma Anti-Abortion Lawmaker Said Women Are Merely ‘Hosts’ 
  1. In some states, women are forced to deliver their rapist’s baby. 
  1. Abortions occur at the same rates when they’re legal compared to when they’re illegal.  
  1. You tax dollars don’t support abortion even if it’s legal unless it’s to save the life on a woman or resulted from incest/rape. The Hyde amendment makes it so none of your tax dollars can legally go to abortions. 
  1. 44% of pregnancies are unplanned and most women find out they’re pregnant between four and seven weeks. You would need time to get money to go and get an abortion, which makes it very difficult to get an abortion before six weeks. That’s why women “don’t get an abortion before 6 weeks.” 
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